Voice-overs for custom telephone answering machines, voicemail greetings, on hold messages and IVR

Answerphone messages - voicemail greeting

The telephone is very often your first point of communication with your customers.

But you can't man your phone 24 hours a day.
Give potential customers a professional impression from the first call by using a professional customised voice greeting from eVoiceovers on your telephone answering machine greeting.

Our friendly and professional delivery style will instantly transform your telephone image, and has already done just that for numerous companies in the UK and around the world.

We can further expand communication by voicing messages for your website, in-store announcements, presentations, and more. Order online and receive your voice tracks via email or download. Do it today!

We use the same microphone to record your messages that was used in the original recording session of the speaking clock in 1985 with Brian Cobby - the voice of the speaking clock, so you can be assured of the quality of your recording with our broadcast quality studio equipment.

Get the professional sound associated with large businesses at a superb value price with eVoiceovers!

Note: Voice tracks are supplied to you 'dry'. i.e. no music.
[But think about it
-- when did you last hear an answerphone message that had background music?]


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