Voice-overs for custom telephone answering machines, voicemail greetings, on hold messages and IVR

Rates & Format Options

The ordering process:

1. Place your order and pay online.
2. Email us the script to be recorded.
3. Receive your custom voice track audio file via download link in an email.

All prices are in British Pounds Sterling (£). Delivery of audio is via sound file (WAV / MP3) via website download via a link sent to your email.

Use the buttons below to place your order online then checkout with your credit or debit card card via our secure online ordering facility. Prices include UK VAT @20%.
Only the voice heard on the samples will be used for your recording.
Need help? View some suggested scripts to help you write your voicemail greeting to be recorded.

up to 25 word voice track
e.g. brief voicemail greeting
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up to 80 word voice track
e.g. answerphone message, on-hold message, etc.
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up to 110 word voice-over
e.g. answerphone message, on-hold message, etc.
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up to 150 word voice-over
e.g. switchboard greeting / menu, on-hold message, opening hours message, etc.
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up to 200 word voice-over
e.g. on-hold message, website audio, etc.
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A4 page read
one audio file, text on page double line spaced, normal page margins
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Other custom projects...
...such as numerous voice prompts, IVR, etc. -
please enquire.
If you need to make a payment for a custom job, please click here

N.B. The prices above are for your voice track downloaded as an audio file via the internet.
All voice tracks are 'dry' (ie no SFX or music).

Purchase Add-ons to your order

Conversion to Flash file -
Cost per file
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Mixing of voice track(s) with a music track of your choice (sent to us via email)
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File Formats Available:
Format Description
WAV Audio file downloaded via the client area on this web site or sent to you as an email attachment.
WAV format is uncompressed audio for quick and easy opening in sound player and editing programs. 44.1kHz, 16 bit. Large file size, but uncompressed lossless audio quality. (standard format, included in price). 22kHz also available.
MP3 Popular compressed audio file. 192kbps as standard (included in price).
CCITT uLaw CCITT uLaw, 8kHz, 8 bit, mono is a format often specified by your PBX, switchboard, voicemail or telephone system hardware manual. Included in the price above.
PCM 8kHz For use directly on some phone systems - the voice tracks can be 'uploaded' directly to your phone system for greetings and on-hold messages. Audio is recorded at the sample rate you specify - either 8kHz or 6kHz, in 16bit, as a Windows PCM WAV file (.wav) or a PCM raw data file (.pcm). Please note, this format gives a low audio quality. Included in price.
Flash file We supply you with the .swf Flash file and HTML code to insert your custom audio greeting or narration invisibly on your website. It downloads super-fast, plays automatically and requires no special software. Additional charge.
We offer this service for any sound files you require on your website. Additional charge, see above.
AIFF Uncompressed audio file for quick and easy opening in sound editing programs. Large file size. Included in price.

Please note that you need to specifically request the file format you require when placing your order online. Please contact us prior to ordering if you need further assistance.


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