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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge to record a custom voice-over?

Voice track recording price is measured by the number of words to be read.
The options are 25, 80, 110, 150 or 200 words.
Need more?
If the text fits onto an A4 page when double line spaced, it is the "A4 page read" product.
See our rates page for full pricing.

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Need even more, 'lots of short ones', or something special? Then please do contact us for a quotation.

Do you record directly onto my voice mail / answering machine?

We do not. Sorry.

For professional business IVR phone systems, we can provide the audio track(s) in formats for your PABX telephone switchboard system (CCITT u-Law, 8000Hz, 8-bit, mono, 7kb/sec or PCM WAV format) for direct 'uploading'.

For your mobile phone or land line, we provide you with the high quality audio track as an MP3 or WAV file. Mobile phone networks currently do not give you the facility to upload this file directly to become your voicemail greeting, so it is up to you to record it onto your voicemail service through your phone handset. This can be achieved by playing it at a speaking volume through your PC or hi-fi speakers and holding your phone close to them. The same applies for your home or business answering machine. You may need to try positioning the phone/speaker differently to get the best sound.

Can you add music to the recording?

If you are ordering an on-hold message for example, the addition of music (supplied by you) can be mixed with the voice for an extra charge (shown on the page).

It would be strange to add music to a voicemail greeting, and for that type of message we recommend against the use of background music or sound effects so that the message itself can be heard clearly over the telephone by the caller.

How long will it take for you to send me the voice track?

It can be anything from 24 hours up to around 7 days, depending on how busy our studio and voice-over artist is. Currently, simple reads are generally done within 48 hours on week days, but music mixes or larger scripts that require editing into numerous prompts do take longer. See question below...

Why do your voice tracks cost less than other suppliers?

We are an "outlet store" of voice-overs ... a great place to get professional custom voice tracks at a fraction of the price they would cost you anywhere else, by purchasing direct from the voice-over artist. So no middle-men from phone marketing companies adding commission to pay for advertising, mailshots or salesmen. It also means we don't have the ability to have long discussions with you over the phone. We've seen our own custom voice track recording services on sale to the end user on phone system providers' websites for twenty times what we charge on this site.

There’s an old saying; ‘You can get it good, cheap or fast’....pick any two.
With eVoiceovers, you get them ‘good and cheap’...but not necessarily fast. It can occasionally take up to a week to get your tracks, depending on studio demand.

All voice tracks are recorded and produced in our state-of-the-art studios. They are edited and produced specifically for the purpose you will use them for.

But when you do most of the legwork and allow us more flexibility in scheduling the recording session for your voice tracks, you can save a bundle.

If you need your custom voice tracks "fast and good", email us (you will be charged extra for a faster service).
If you need "cheap and fast" well, sorry...we can’t help you there!

Who records the voice-overs?

Ben Baxter is a experienced voice-over artist who has recorded thousands of voice tracks for company and small business telephone systems, on-hold messages and voicemail greetings over the last 18 years. With a Masters in Radio Production from Bournemouth University, Ben records your custom voice track to the same high standard whether a voicemail greeting for a plumber's answerphone or a radio station ident heard across Europe.

Ben doesn't just read your script once and send it to you. Much more work is involved. For every order, however large or small, the script is recorded multiple times with different intonation and phrasing, precisely how orchestral music is recorded in studios for classical albums. The resultant finished track can be a composite of the very best parts of numerous different recordings of your script from that recording session, seamlessly and expertly edited together to get the absolute best sounding version. Occasionally, alternative versions are also sent to you so you can make your own choice on which one you like best.

Radio industry professionals have previously commented on Ben's work:

"My personal favourite … very funny, well written, good production values, excellent ... very smart ..."
   - James Merritt, Kiss 100

"It was beautifully produced and inventive, with excellent use of music and effects…a very engaging listen and the producer obviously has talent."
   - Russ Williams, executive producer at Capital FM

"This creation is itself a luxury ... whose ingredients are wit, creativity, pace and tremendous mixing. Wonderful ... the production arresting on the brain & ears."
   - Sarah Drummond, Managing Editor BBC Radio Newcastle

"Wittily produced & presented, fast-paced, informative, brilliantly scripted, good use of beds ... better than the vast majority of ‘professional’ news features you’ll hear."

"Fantastic! Witty, entertaining, but above all top production qualities (paying attention to quality of voice-overs a prime example)."

“Wow! The trail is perfect…really impressive.”
   - Paul Rodgers, Producer of Steve Wright in the Afternoon, BBC Radio 2

“Ben’s talents as a highly versatile and creative radio producer. ... he can originate, write, produce and present a wide range of programmes in varying formats, such as straight talks, drama, comedy and features, to a highly professional level.”
   - Julia Brooke, former BBC Radio 1 & 2 producer

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